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Flash video fullscreen always in background. Found a solution for KDE.

On a blog post I found a solution for Adobe flash opening fullscreen video always in background behind Firefox.
Finding the window properties as described in the blog post did not work, but entering them manually as described in the comments was the way to go. So here i try to explain what to do in my own words (german in braces, so its easier for german readers ) :

In KDE 4.6 go to System-Settings (Systemeinstellungen), Window Behavior (Fensterverhalten), Window Rules (Fensterregeln).
Press “New”, and enter the following Values:

in tab Window (Fenster) ->
-> Description (Beschreibung): Flash fullscreen workaround (or some other usefull description)
-> Class (Fensterklasse): <unknown> <unknown>
(mention the space between the two <unknown>? Its mandatory. No spaces at the beginning or end)
-> exact match (Exakte übereinstimmung)
-> Match whole window class (Übereinstimmung mit gesamter Fensterklasse): checked

in tab Window extras (Fenster-Besonderheit) ->
-> Types (Fenster-Typen): select only normal window
-> Title (Fenstertitel): <unknown>
-> exact match (Exakte übereinstimmung)

in tab Workarounds (Provisorien) ->
-> Focus stealing prevention (Vorbeugung gegen Übernahme der Aktivierung) : force (erzwingen)

Thats it.
Now save that settings by pressing ok and apply, and now flash should open its fullscreen on top again.



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