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Finally the trouble with my HVR-1300 under Linux and mythtv seem to be over

I got my mythtv backend running for years now, but since mythtv switched to S2-API, the mythtv backend failed to lock to channels. Some other DVB applications had these problems, too, like kaffeine. I quickly found which patch had to be reverted to get it working again. Without knowing what i did, but it did work, so it was ok for me. Darron Broad was a big help at that time for getting everything in a good shape.

A few weeks ago i bought a dvb-t stick as i was tired of recompiling. A Terratec Cynergy T-Stick RC (MKIII) (Device ID:0097) as i thought it should work out of the box … well that was a mistake. The first i bought was defect. I switched it for a new one, it works some time and then stops working until you switch your PC off and on again. It is known, but no fix in sight. So it was from pest to cholera.

Now finally Devin Heitmueller found the real bug for the HVR-1300, HVR-3000 and HVR-4000 (as far as i can judge this, he seems to know what he is doing in contradiction to me). If that patch gets into the kernel i finally do not need to recompile the kernel after every update. Thanks Devin for that finding. I dont mind the DVB penstick if the HVR patch gets into the kernel.
The “pest” seems to be cured, i now still have my “cholera” lying around, but maybe sometimes someone finds a cure for that, too. I also got a Pinnacle 7010iX lying around here that is known to have no linux support at this time. Maybe i can use it in 10 Years when there is no more DVB-T ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Final thought:
Although you hear a lot of “linux supports more hardware than windows” you see that “supports” does not mean “does work” in every case. Its not the linux developers fault in most cases, its just the manufacturer that dont help in driver development. But searching the web before buying not always leads to the correct hardware. I bought the Terratec as they seem to support linux a little bit, at least, and after years with my HVR-1300 and patching the kernel everytime was unhappy about hauppauge not helping in getting that card to work.

Now the patch is in the kernel since version 3.0. In ubuntu oneiric (11.10) i can now run a stock kernel as of linux-image-3.0-7. Thanks,thanks, thanks.


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