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APC cache twice as fast as memcached if run on only one server

Ok, as i told yesterday i would try the cache wrapper today.
In my case APC with the wrapper is twice as fast as memcached, as i am running only one server. The wrapper gives very little overhead, but its worth it, because you can change the cache easily. Of course if you run more than one server memcached could be the one you want as it can distribute the cache over all machines.


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PHP wrapper class for cache engines | Neo22s

PHP wrapper class for cache engines | Neo22s.

Good to know this class called wrappercache. Within the next days  i will try this wrapper and will check the performance of my scripts that now use memcached.

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Amazon EC2 to assist dedicated server?

We run a dedicated server at our work. As of the last posts about optimizing it for some special cases just another idea came to my mind:
How about letting an Amazon EC2 instance assist the dedicated server twice a year for just 2-3 hours?
Thats the only time it gets critical with the workload (mostly on the mysql database).
I yet dont know how, but if i get an idea on how this could be done i will post it here.
Maybe a replicated mysql instance, maybe a memcached instance on amazon? Would be quite cheap and could really help for just this little timeframe twice a year.

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